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Why Can't I Log in to My Account?

There can be multiple reasons and given below are details info of the errors message that is shown:

1. Usual Error: Your password username or captcha is wrong. if your password is wrong and not able to get access, try to reset the password to get access again.

2. Vpn or Proxy Detected: If you see that type of message that means your IP address is detected as VPN, proxy, or bad by proxy detection service. we can do nothing it please contact your internet service provider to give you a good reputed IP or change your internet service to a good one.

3 Multiple Account Detected:
You created multiple accounts or try to refer to yourself.

4. Cheater or Fraud Detected: That means you have been caught cheating on offer walls or on others.

5. Browser Choose: Browsers like Brave, Crypto Tab, and others and also some extensions block some of our security features because of that our system may detect your activity as unusual or bot and you may be compromised your account permanently. Please disable any extension or script that might block javascript, cookie, or any of our security features and use Chrome browser while using our site.