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How to Speed Up My Earnings on BitPaye?

Besides completing more tasks, you can speed up you earnings through several ways.

Level Up

BitPaye Point is what you need to level up your account. Your level will grow as much as you are active on the site. Complete Crypto Faucet, Shortlinks, PTC, Offerwall and other tasks to get Point to level up. once you level up, you can get higher rewards from the tasks and referral program. Learn more about BitPaye Level System.

Invite Earners

If you sign up successfully, you can get your own referral link, and you can get FREE cryptos with your friends together by sharing your referral link. You earn 10-20% affiliate commission from your invited users when they complete tasks and earn. The larger is your team and the more active are the members, the more referral commissions you receive!

Invite Advertisers

You can recommend the BitPyae advertisement by your affiliate link. You earn up to 20% of your advertisement sales.