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How to Share Your BitPaye Referral Link & Attract Massive Referrals Simply?

There are various kinds of ways to help you share BitPaye referral links to get referrals easily, including advertisements, articles, videos, etc. We combine these ways and platforms to help you make the most of referral opportunities. In the following guide, you will learn more about how and where to share your BitPaye referral links.

About BitPaye System Level

What is BitPaye Points?

There is a Point Program on BitPaye and every user can get points by finishing the above tasks. There are three kinds of partners, Junior, Medium, and Senior, which ned users to own < 100, 100 -1000, and > 1000 BitPaye BitPaye points. And we should pay more attention that the BitPaye platform will measure user activity and evaluate user membership level. In other words, if you don’t take part in BitPaye regularly, your points may be deducted! Now let’s see the more detailed information about the earnings!

How To Get More Points?

  1. Invite 1 active user to get 1 point

Active User Definition: The user logs in at least once within 7 days after registration.

Points Arrival Time: 7 days after User Registration

  1. Users complete PTC, Shotlink, OfferWall tasks to earn free BTC, and earn 1 point for every 1,000 satoshis earned.

How Will Your Point Be Deducted?

Lack of activity in 7 days -1 point. The lowest point is 0.

BitPaye reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.

About BitPaye Referral Program

BitPaye's referral program allows you to earn referral commissions by simply bringing new members to BitPaye. You can get 10% - 20% of the recommender's reward on BitPaye, and you will receive a lifetime benefit. 

As for why the reward is given in the range of 10% - 20%, it is because BitPaye implements the level system. The higher the points, the higher the PTC, shortlink, offer, and faucet earnings the user will get! 

By the way, if your points reach the senior partner level, your own account will get twice as much earnings from BitPaye! You can find your referral links, information and statistics about referrals on the referral page of BitPaye. (Dashboard - Affiliate - referrals - Copy)

Find more detail information on BitPaye channel -

For Inviting Earners

According to the “Invite Earners” chart, we can see that Junior Partner can get 10% referral PTC,Short link, Offer, Faucet earnings, Medium Partner can get 15%, and Senior Partner can get 20%. Besides, Junior Partner can claim 4 faucet coins, Medium Partner can claim 6 coins ,and Senior Partner can get 10 coins! Except for Referral Earnings, different level partners also have different user earnings. Junior Partner can earn 100% earnings, Medium Partner can earn 150% Earnings and Senior Partner can earn 200% earnings!

For Inviting Advertisers

According to the “Invite Advertiser” chart, you can earn 10% - 20% affiliate commission from the recommended BitPay advertisement sales monthly by your affiliate link. 10% for 0-0.002 BTC, 15% for 0.002-0.005 BTC, and 20% for >0.005 BTC.

Build Your Referral Team

The key to earn more referral commission is to build your own referral team. The larger your team is and the more active are the members, the more referral commissions you receive.To build your referral team, the most basic thing is to make it appear in front of people, especially those who are interested in earning cryptocurrency. How and where to do this will make a difference in your income as a recommender.

Let's start by including information that's right for you to attract referrals. If you share your referral link in a place that focuses on cryptocurrency, you may need to emphasize how to earn bitcoin by performing tasks on BitPaye. If you focus on getting free money, you may want to focus on our faucets.

No matter where you promote BitPaye, remember to respect the rules and requirements of these platforms. Remember that if users of this platform don't click on the referral link, other users can't click on your referral link. We also strongly encourage members to be honest when promoting BitPaye. Your best recommenders are always those who make money and continue to make money. When talking about BitPaye, you can help ensure that your recommenders keep in touch with BitPaye by setting the right expectations.

Get Referral Traffic for Free

The cheapest way to promote BitPaye recommended links is to publish them on social media and attach your real website experience videos on YouTube. If you have a large audience, they will be very interested in your videos and become your invited users. Or you can write the relevant evaluation articles of BitPaye website on the podcast. Forums and websites like reddit are also good places to promote BitPaye. Just remember, no matter what rules the platform you use has on promotion links, you should abide by them. It's also helpful if you're really a member of an online community. After all, no one likes to drive to sell spam!


Blogging is probably one of the best ways to promote your BitPaye referral link, though it’s also one of the most time consuming. Bloggers have a great opportunity to share their opinions with friends and family. Even if you don’t have a considerable amount of traffic, a review blog post is a great idea.

The key to promoting your BitPaye referral link with a blog is to create content that is valuable and useful for the reader. You can list the benefits of BitPaye platform as well as the specific earnings with a shoot screen that BitPaye users can get free to attract more users who want to make money online.

And besides blogs and guest post, here are some examples of social media platforms and forums:

  1. Twitter

Twitter is the best way to attract referrals. This is ignored traffic. When you promote your BitPaye referral link with specific payment proof, more people can use the platform through your referral link. 

If you don't think of the corresponding recommended text, you can directly use the ready-made text provided by BitPaye website. The text is located in the social platform button under the affiliate referrals copy button on the login interface. You can jump to the corresponding social software for promotion with one click, isn't it convenient? Social software provided on the website includes Twitter, Linkedin, Line, WhatsApp, Skype, TG, and


If you have a Facebook fan page with a lot of followers, you can write BitPaye review posts with the referral link. Be careful with this method however as Facebook has reduced the opportunity for owners of fan pages to promote posts to their organic followers.

If you don’t have a fan page, you can directly find the similar topic groups, such as make money online groups, free crypto earning groups, PTC earnings groups, or crypto faucets groups. But we should pay attention that The group posts we post on Facebook every day are limited. We should follow the relevant group regulations of Facebook, or we will face the risk of being blocked.


You can create a YouTube channel specifically for website reviews or as an educational platform where you recommend the BitPaye platform. The most important step when creating website reviews on YouTube is to ensure that the content of your video is of a high quality.

The following is a review video made by one of our loyal users for us on YouTube:

I hope this video can provide some inspiration for your BitPaye promotion.

As for BitPaye review video content, We can use the form of video recording to reflect the operation process of the whole website in our video. For example, how to register the BitPaye website, how to use the existing tasks on the website to obtain free cryptocurrency, and we can also express our views on the website in the form of dubbing in the video. Don't forget to include your website invitation link in the video introduction. In this way, if others are interested in your video, they will click your website invitation link to register, and you can get corresponding rewards!


Reddit is one of the largest and most underutilized social media platforms. While it may not beat Facebook in daily traffic, it’s currently ahead of both Twitter and LinkedIn.
Redditors have the freedom to participate in virtually any way they want, from treating the platform like a news feed to being active participants who submit topics. So you can discuss the website information to other Redditors, which can attract more users by clicking your referral link.

Like almost all Internet communities, Reddit platform does not approve of self marketing. Before publishing the BitPaye invitation link, we need to make sure we have the right strategy. Because reddit does not allow direct affiliate links. Placing direct affiliate links on reddit may lead to account ban. This is a point that we should pay close attention to.

However, this does not mean that we cannot implement any invitation link promotion strategy on reddit. This only means that we need a more creative way to guide traffic from reddit to your alliance mission.

How to Promote BitPaye on Reddit?

We can first set up a login page to guide reddit's traffic to your blog post about BitPaye, where you can place the attached links of BitPaye.

Before starting your strategy, you should create an account on reddit. If you already have a long-term reddit account, it will contribute to your promotion.

It takes time for us to get decent organic traffic from reddit, but it's worth it. Reddit is community driven and thrives on shareability.

Like affiliate marketing in other organic channels such as quora, you need to invest time to build your reputation. On reddit, build your position through karmic points. After becoming a full contributing member of reddit, you can start your alliance strategy.

There are no strict rules on when you can start to improve and how many karmic points you need. The key here is to bring value and age to your account so that your views will not be considered novice garbage. If you collect at least 600 comment karma points before starting the link, you should be able to promote it smoothly.

You can choose to study relevant topics in your field and collect questions of interest to users. You also need to create valuable content to help people answer the questions you find. You can do this by writing a blog post on your website. Link from reddit to the article you provided as a useful resource. In your article, you can link to the BitPaye invitation link. Reddit links often appear on Google's first page.

You need to be honest and frank about your invitation link activity and clearly explain how the product will benefit readers. For example, you can use BitPaye by yourself and prove how much benefit the website can bring to users.


You can share your referral link in the BeerMoneyForum. It is the best way of sharing your BitPaye referral link. But we’d better follow the rules from these kinds of forums.

We need to note that if you really want people to feel that your invitation link is trustworthy, you must not just join the forum to post affiliate links. This is because most members don't trust people who just come to advertise.

First of all, after joining the forum, we can make ourselves an active member. You can easily do this and let members know you by contributing your views on hot topics.

You are well known and respected on the forum. When you recommend products or services to forum members, you can publish the corresponding BitPaye reference link.

However, it is important that you don't get into the habit of displaying only BitPaye reference links every time! This is because this habit will create some mistrust between you and your members.

You should know that being a trusted member of an online forum is of great significance in alliance marketing. That's why you need to make sure you first invest your time as a regular contributor to gain the trust of other forum members.

However, as mentioned above, you must achieve the best results of your efforts in the right way. In fact, if you do it right, Forum promotion can help you get free recommendations. Running your social account well means you won't send spam on the forum!


You can share your referral links with your friends, or in groups or channels.  Functioning as a cloud-based messenger, Telegram stores all types of shared content, without interfering with the device’s performance due to occupying little space. This is an attractive feature, captivating the marketers’ attention, as the channels are able to massively distribute content. You can look for those telegram channels that accept members sharing referral links.

The quickest way for us to find and join the ideal telegram group is to join the telegram channel to get an invitation. Maybe a friend told you about a Telegram channel where people offer group invitations. Assuming you are using the desktop version of the Telegram application, here is what you need to do:

1. Start the Telegram application on the desktop.

2. In the upper left corner, enter the group name and click "Enter"

3. Under "Global Search Results", you will see a list of all channels corresponding to the name you entered.

4. Click the channel you want and select "Join Channel"

5. You will see the number of subscribers at the top of the screen. Find group invitation links. 

6. When you find the group link, click it and select the "join group" option.

7. If you don't want to search for group links in the Telegram channel, there is another way to find groups. You can access the Telegram group directory online and browse groups. Find a group that matches the invitation link you can promote BitPaye, click the group and select "join the group".

And here are some of telegram groups that you can join to share the referral link:

Promoting Your BitPaye Referral Link on Ad Networks

Self service advertising network is a good way to promote your common referral links. They are usually cheap, and many people's audiences tend to earn cryptocurrencies. Here are some top advertising networks. We and many of our recommenders have advertised on these networks and achieved good results.

Tips: Some of these networks require you to upload advertising pictures or link to advertising pictures elsewhere. You can find the corresponding banner advertisement on your BitPaye referral page. You can also download these pictures and upload them to the place you need, or simply use the URL hosted by BitPaye or HTML for the advertising pictures you want to use. Of course, you can also make your own advertising pictures.

Here are some ad networks you can use

  1. Mellowads

  2. PopAds

  3. BitMedia

  4. A-Ads

  5. Cointraffic

Promoting Your BitPaye Referral Link on PTC Ad Sites

PTC advertising is a good way to promote your BitPaye recommended links. Like BitPaye's own PTC ads, "PTC" stands for "pay per click". With PTC ads, you can buy an ad and decide how much you are willing to spend to let others access your promotion links. Then, you hope some of them will find your promotion links interesting and sign up. Here are some other PTC advertising websites that provide you with opportunities to get common referrals. Like the advertising network above, we see registrations from all these sites.


  2. AdBTC








  10. (PTC)



Best Practices for Promoting Your BitPaye Referral Link

1. Keep Respect!

When promoting your BitPaye recommended links, please always respect them and ensure that you follow the promotion rules wherever you promote them. If promotional links and spam are not allowed in one place, please find another place to promote, because your links and your efforts are unlikely to be welcomed.

2. Keep Honest!

When promoting BitPaye related activities, please don't promise that people will make millions of bitcoins on BitPaye in order to persuade them to click. If someone clicks on your link because you promise something they can't actually get, they won't stay to make money when they see that they can't make the income you recommend.

3. Keep Enthusiastic!

Please pay attention to your personal favorite parts with your best enthusiasm. If you're excited about making money in a particular way through BitPaye, talk about and promote it! Whether it's taps, videos or games, as long as you're talking about these activities, your enthusiasm for these activities will show, which will make you get more referrals.