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Find frequently asked questions and answers of BitPaye when earning free cryptos.

How to Withdraw BitPaye Balance to iCoinPay?

1. Sign Up an iCoinPay Wallet

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What is the Minimum for Withdrawal and Fees?

There is no withdrawal fee requirement on BitPaye. The minimum withdrawal amount differs from each coin. You can check the details on the withdrawal page of each coin.

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When Do I Get Paid?

BitPaye only allow the members to withdraw the earnings as crypto currency to FaucetPay or CoinLean, and you need to get Your iCoinPay Address or FaucetPay User ID first, and you can get the paid immediately.

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What is Shortlink on BitPaye?

Solve all available shortlinks get cryptos as reward for every shortlinks you passed.

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What is Crypto PTC on BitPaye?

Earn free cryptos by watching these advertised sites for a few seconds on BitPaye. BitPaye is not responsible for contents on these external sites.

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What is Crypto Faucet on BitPaye

Bitcoin faucets—or any cryptocurrency faucet—pay users a few satoshis for loading webpages with ads on them.

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How to Speed Up My Earnings on BitPaye?

Besides completing more tasks, you can speed up you earnings through several ways.

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Can I Swap Different Cryptos on BitPaye

You can swap or transfer on BitPaye in 10 different cryptocoins. The minimum swap requirements differ from every crypto coins.

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How To Sign Up on BitPaye?

Step 1: Go to Step 2: Click “Sign Up” Button

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How Can I Earn on BitPaye?

You can earn free cryptos through various ways including faucet, ptc ads, shortlinks and so on. Check the following ways:

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