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Find frequently asked questions and answers of BitPaye when earning free cryptos.

How To Deposit on BitPaye?

The following are the detailed steps of how to purchase a balance deposit on BitPaye. BitPaye platform also supports all crypto wallets to complete the purchase, including FaucetPay, Binance, CoinBase, etc.

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Why Are My Referrals Missing?

If the user you invite is not defined as an active user by the website, you will not get the invitation reward, which can cause your referrals missing.

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How Much Can I Earn from Affiliate Program?

There are Three Levels of Affiliate programs on BitPaye. You earn affiliate commission from your invited users when they click advertisements and do offers. The commission depends on your membership.

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Where Can I Find My Referral Link?

You can get your referral link on Affiliate - Referrals

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Is There An Affiliate Program on BitPaye?

Yes, BitPaye has an Affiliate Program for every user.

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What is Ad Balance?

It is balance for advertisers, which is used for promotion of advertisers links. It is not impossible to withdraw fund from this ad balance.

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How to Advertise on BitPaye?

With the help of BitPaye advertisements, you can connect your project to a large audience of crypto users immediately. You can also advertise using Surf ads, Window ads, and Video ads. Hence, to do so, you need to follow the below steps.

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Why Choose BitPaye to Promote Advertisements?

BitPaye has high quality traffic where you can advertise your product with a high conversion rate. With more than 50,000 unique active users per day, BitPaye can bring a good amount of users and revenue for your product!

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How Does Advertising Works?

Advertisers can place an advertisement on BitPaye and BitPaye can bring advertisers traffic and users. Users can click advertisements on BitPaye and BitPaye can get paid by surfing advertisements.

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How to Withdraw BitPaye Balance to FaucetPay?

1. Sign Up a FaucetPay Wallet

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