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Find frequently asked questions and answers of BitPaye when earning free cryptos.

Why Can't I Log in to My Account?

There can be multiple reasons and given below are details info of the errors message that is shown:

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How To Finish BitPaye PTC Ads Tasks - Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Go to Dashboard - View Ads and there are three kinds of ads we can choose Step 2: Choose one advertisement and click

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How To Finish BitPaye Faucet Tasks - Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Go to Dashboard - Faucet Step 2: Click “Claim” button

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How To Finish BitPaye Offer Wall Tasks - Step By Step Guide

If you’re not a fan of short links or faucets, this is definitely the highest-paying section of BitPaye you can explore.

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How To Finish BitPaye Short link Tasks - Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Sign in and go to Dashboard - Short Link Step 2: Choose available short links and click “GO” button

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How to Share Your BitPaye Referral Link & Attract Massive Referrals Simply?

There are various kinds of ways to help you share BitPaye referral links to get referrals easily, including advertisements, articles, videos, etc. We combine these ways and platforms to help you make the most of referral opportunities.

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Why I Didn't Receive My Satoshis After Completing An Offer?

BitPaye uses 3rd party plugins to provide offers. We have no control over the offers paid or not.

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How Do I Use BitPaye Connection Offer Wall?

An offer wall may include options to: 1. Complete in-app engagements (Ex: Level completion, app registration) 2. Complete an action via mobile web (Ex: Start a trial or subscription, make a purchase)

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How Can I Participate in BitPaye Offer Wall?

You can participate after you log in with your BitPaye account and agree to the Terms of Service of Offerwall.

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How Does the Offer Wall Work?

The offer wall is an in-app advertising unit that app developers use to monetize their apps.

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