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Meet Our Ways Of Earning Free Crypto

Earn multiple types of free cryptocurrencies by completing various tasks, including free crypto faucet, PTC ads, Offer Wall, Short Link, Referral Program, Contest and so on.

Free Crypto Faucet

Claim free cryptos every 30 minutes 10 times a day, including BTC, ETH, DOGE, XLM, BCH, DASH, BNB, TRX, XRP, LTC.

PTC Wall

This task is very comfortable to complete, you just need to watch some advertised websites to receive your BTC coins. Every PTC task can be completed once a day.

Short Link

Solve all available shortlinks to get BTC as reward for every shortlinks you passed. Each shortlink will be reset and availabe after 24 hours.

Invite Earners

Invite your friends to earn free cryptos on BitPaye together. You earn 10-20% affiliate commission from your invited users when they complete tasks and earn.

Invite Advertisers

Recommend the BitPaye advertisement by your affiliate link. You earn 10% - 20% of your advertisment sales.

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Participate in BitPaye regular contests with all members to win big prize.


Coins Available

Earn multiple cryptos for free easily

How To Earn Free Crypto?

We all spend a lot of time online, why not make it work for you? You can earn Bitcoin, DOGE, LTC or DASH by doing the things you love online.


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Earn free cryptos by completing Faucet, Shortlinks, PTC and other tasks.



Connect your iCoinPay or FaucetPay wallet to withdraw your free crypto coins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find frequently asked questions and answers of BitPaye when earning free cryptos.

What is BitPaye?

BitPaye is a crypto earning and advertising platform where members can earn multiple free crypto currencies by completing various tasks including faucet, PTC, shortlinks, etc. or where advertisers can gain cheap exposure to crypto users.

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Is BitPaye Legit?

Yes, BitPaye is a legit website. It supports instant payout to iCoinPay or FaucetPay and you can check the payment proofs on BitPaye website.

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How Can I Earn on BitPaye?

You can earn free cryptos through various ways including faucet, ptc ads, shortlinks and so on. Check the following ways:

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How to Speed Up My Earnings on BitPaye?

Besides completing more tasks, you can speed up you earnings through several ways.

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